You might ask what has healing got to do with flutes. Healing is about bringing the mind, body and soul into balance and harmony.

There are many different ways to do this and itís your job/ path to find the one that suits and works for YOU at that time. I have found that the flute has a very relaxing and calming affect on the player and the listener on many levels, because sound therapy works with the tones and the vibration of the notes.

When you order a flute, l connect with your energy and a healing process begins, as the flute is crafted l intuitively pick up on your energy and send healing to your higher self, when you then play your flute you are continuing to shift and balance energies within yourself and surroundings, these flutes are very much a healing tool.

l have learnt myself that it does not matter how much you know or have read, it is about walking your talk and putting it in to action 24/7, so I find that the tools that we collect on our path of self discovery are important to us to assist us to stay in balance and harmony.

I also offer personal healing session through some different modalities which are on my healing page.

If you were wondering where my business name comes from, it originates from two native American tribes.

Catori is from the Hopi tribe and means Spirit, l have read on the internet and history info that the Hopi people are a deeply religious people and they live by the ethic of peace and goodwill.

The other part of the name is Helki which means touch, it is from the Miwok tribe, also a peaceful tribe that had a animalistic philosophy: they wanted no walls and trod lightly on the land, leaving no footprints, always apologizing to the spirits in animals or nature whenever they disturbed them any way.

We can learn so much from the native American beliefís.

Thus for the business name when we encounter any form of healing it is through SPIRITS TOUCH that it is done.

Spirit being Great Spirit ,Creator, God, Goddess, Universe, the Force, whatever you want to call it.

The design of the flutes that l make are based on the Native American love Flute,

They also say that Mayan People would play drone flutes to connect to the higher self.

l call my flutes, Soul flutes, l believe when played or listened to that it soothes and assists one to connect to the higher self.

Like the whale is said to have their own song.

†Our Soul also has its own song.

If you would like to hear the flutes, go to our sounds page



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Wombat carving on a 1" bore F flute
Eagle carving on a 3/4 bore G# fluteWolf symbolizes TeacherOwl symbolizes WisdomEagle symbolizes Great SpiritBear symbolizes Introspection