If you are interested in learning how to play these flutes, no musical abilities are required to learn, a few basic steps and techniques, you will be amazed how easy it is to produce this magical sound and play your own original music. 

I will organize workshops to play the flute on interest only, so if you are interested in doing a workshop, please contact me to organize a time and date. Can use your own flute, one of mine or even purchase one it is up to you. To book please contact us

:How to play the native/soul flute

:Goddess Day Workshops

These workshops provide a day of insight and healing for woman.

The day begins with a meditation and then time to reflect and discuss on what comes up in the meditation, then individual private readings with Jacqui, while Lisa guides you through the process of creating your Goddess on paper with pastels. This process reveals aspects of yourself as your goddess appears on the paper.No artistic skills required, it is a step by step process that you are shown, to a point that you then intuitively proceed on your own.

It is a day of fun and learning amazing revelations about yourself can be achieved.

Workshops are run on an interest base ,numbers for workshops are  6 to 10 maximum, please contact us for bookings

Wolf symbolizes TeacherOwl symbolizes WisdomEagle symbolizes Great SpiritBear symbolizes Introspection

:Self Discovery Through Art

We run workshops for you to learn to draw your own spirit guide. They are available on request. When you participate in this workshop you will produce a picture, however the focus is mostly on the process leading to the end result. As your picture “evolves” messages will come forth through symbology and colour which help you to understand yourself and give you clarity on many levels. This is an empowering and healing process and many people are surprised by how easy the end result is achieved, you do not need any artistic skills, just enthusiasm.  Generally they will run for 3 hours every thing you need is supplied. To book please contact us.

Goddess Day at Open Hands

:Intuiative Art Classes

An Art class where you are free to create your own piece, using your own materials, whether it be pastels, acrylics, oils etc.

You are supported and guided by Lisa if need be.

To book please contact us.

:Transformation Game / Workshop

We have come across a board game from Findhorn ,Scotland , it is a healing workshop in a board game and it is amazing , the game is made in a very spiritual place and also is played with universe's  ( spirit’s ) help, the name of the game is the Transformation Game and it does just that , it helps you to understand yourself more and assist in removing blocks that stop you from moving forward in life, it is played with up to 4 people and one to run the game that's me, game time is 4  to 6 hours , we organise games as required.

 If you are interested and would like to know more please contact us