Self Discovery Art can be used as a tool to help you connect to your higher self. At different times in our lives, different spirit guides are with us to assist us on our path, whether we realize it or not. They come with love and healing energy and have our best interest at heart , they are our best friends.

To have a drawing can sometimes help, because you have something tangible to connect with and focus on.

My wife Lisa is the artist you can have a drawing on its own or with a reading included. The pictures on this page have been drawn by Lisa for clients.


We run workshops for you to learn to draw your own. They are available on request. You need no artistic skills. You will be amazed at what you can produce, while you are creating your guide drawing you will learn about yourself and what you need to recognize within yourself for soul growth with the help from Lisa and your guides. Check out our workshop page

Lisa's Spirit ArtLisa's Spirit ArtLisa's Spirit ArtLisa's Spirit ArtLisa's Spirit ArtWolf symbolizes TeacherOwl symbolizes WisdomEagle symbolizes Great SpiritBear symbolizes IntrospectionLisa's Spirit Art