Our flutes have been sealed inside the slow air chamber and bore  with shellac, soaked in olive oil and then polished with a natural bee’s wax polish.

 This means you are able to sand, re-oil and bee’s wax if you scratch or dent the surface of the flute,

It is advisable to play the flute with a clean mouth (no food or drink) left in, rinse with water is advised, (what goes in stays in).

After playing for a period of time saliva will be in the slow air chamber, so it is advisable to remove the block, (fetish) from the flute and allow the bottom of the block to dry. Stand the flute upright placing the mouth end on a cloth for drainage.

Over time you will learn to play with minimum amount of saliva going into the flute.

When you remove the block always take great care with the true sound hole and splitting edge, never poke anything in there because it is very critical to the sound that is produced.
When re-waxing, the whole flute can be waxed and with the block (fetish) everything BUT the channel where the air flows along. The reason for not waxing this channel is so that moisture can be absorbed while playing.

One more thing, care for your flute as a child, don’t leave it sitting out in the sun or boiling hot cars for long periods of time.


Native American style Flute
with the block removedWolf symbolizes TeacherOwl symbolizes WisdomEagle symbolizes Great SpiritBear symbolizes Introspection