I thought I would create a list of books that have helped me on my path of self discovery. Some of the books l have read the whole thing and others l have been guided to read certain sectionís that contained the information that l needed at the time. Some of the books l would try to read the whole thing and struggled, so l learnt to get what l needed and move on to the next .Not everything in the books will be your truth, but thatís what its all about for you to find your own truths & beliefs.

†Also some of the books were like a validation that things l was experiencing, had happened to others.†

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: The Bible

: The Reconnection By Dr Eric Pearl

: The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch By J.J Hurtak

: The Body is the Barometer of the Soul So Be Your Own Doctor By Annette Noontil

: One Thousand Petalled Lotus By Annette Noontil

: You Can Heal Your Life By Louise L. Hay

: The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz

: The Voice of Knowledge By Don Miguel Ruiz†

: The Mastery Of Love† By Don Miguel Ruiz

: The Jesus Code By John Randolph Price

: The Meditation Book By John Randolph Price

: The Abundance Book By John Randolph Price

: The Superbeings By John Randolph Price

: Hands-on Spiritual Healing By Michael Bradford

: The Therapeutic touch By Dolores Krieger, Ph.D.R.N

: Anatomy of the Spirit By Caroline Myss,Ph.D

: Spiritual Healing By Jack Angelo

: Hands of Light By Barbara Ann Brennan

: Light Emerging By Barbara Ann Brennan

: Thetahealing By Vianna Stibal

: The Journey By Brandon Bays

: Three Magic Words By U.S. Andersen

: The Dynamic Laws of Healing By Catherine Ponder

: Healing with the Angels By Doreen Virtue,Ph.D

: Angel Numbers By Doreen Virtue,Ph.D

: Divine Guidance By Doreen Virtue,Ph.D

: Earth Angels By Doreen Virtue,Ph.D

: Archangles & Ascended Masters By Doreen Virtue,Ph.D

: Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians By Richard Webster

: Conversations With God Book 1,2 & 3 By Neale Donald Walsch

: Home With God By Neale Donald Walsch

: Master Your Vibration By Edmund Harold

: The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn 4 Complete Books

: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success By Deepak Chopra

: The Magdalen Manuscript By Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion

: Talking to Heaven By James Van Praagh

: Conversations with the Ascended Masters Channelled By Hanneke Jennings N.D

: The Miracle Man the life story of Joao De Deus By Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

: Saved by the Light By Dannion Brinkley

: Way of the Peaceful Warrior By Dan Millman

: Highway to Healing By David Serlin

: The Power of Spiritual Healing By Harry Edwards

: Essential Spirituality By Roger Walsh ,MD., Ph.D

: Animal Dreaming By Scott Alexander King

: Vibrational Medicine By Richard Gerber, M.D

: What Jesus Taught in Secret By Max Freedom Long

: The Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology By Sun Bear & Wabun

: Dancing with the Wheel By Sun Bear

: Walk in Balance By Sun Bear

: Animal Speak By Ted Andrews

: You Can See The Light By Dianne Morrissey. Ph.D

: The Power Of Miracles By Rochelle m, Gibler

: The Isaiah Effect By Gregg Braden




Wolf symbolizes TeacherOwl symbolizes WisdomEagle symbolizes Great SpiritBear symbolizes Introspection