My name is Andrew Mc Dougall

on the 20th December 1999 l had a basal ganglia hemorrhage (stroke). Although l was paralyzed down the entire left side , l recovered extremely quickly through shear determination ,will power and trust .This led me on a spiritual path of self discovery , l listened to the guidance of people and spirit around me (sometimes not as often as l should’ve) who helped me to personally grow and understand  my true self.

l now share what I’ve learned with people through different modalities which have helped me such as ,

*Energy balancing and clearing

*Spiritual counseling

*Theta healing


*Bowen Therapy

Also l have now been making Native American style flutes since 2005 . l call them soul flutes because they’re played from the heart intuitively ( No music ability required for them).

The flutes are made in different keys and when purchasing, clients choose a key which resonates to them personally.

The healing sound vibration of the note helps to connect the individual to their higher self.

My journey continues.

Wolf symbolizes TeacherOwl symbolizes WisdomEagle symbolizes Great SpiritBear symbolizes IntrospectionAndrew  Playing a F Wombat Flute